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本文摘要:Moscow has quietly resumed sales of advanced arms technology to Beijing in a move that signals geopolitics and economics are trumping concerns about Chinese cloning of Russian weapons.莫斯科方面悄悄完全恢复了向北京出售先进设备的武器技术,此举标志着地缘政治和经济考虑到正在压过有关中国克隆俄制武器的忧虑。


Moscow has quietly resumed sales of advanced arms technology to Beijing in a move that signals geopolitics and economics are trumping concerns about Chinese cloning of Russian weapons.莫斯科方面悄悄完全恢复了向北京出售先进设备的武器技术,此举标志着地缘政治和经济考虑到正在压过有关中国克隆俄制武器的忧虑。Chinese and Russian officials attending the Zhuhai air show this week jointly announced that the first batch of four advanced Su-35 fighters would be delivered to Beijing later this year.本周参加珠海航空展的中国和俄罗斯官员联合宣告,首批4架先进设备的苏-35战斗机(Su-35,北约代号:侧卫-E)将于今年晚些时候交付给北京。

We are now fulfilling the contract signed last November, said Vladimir Drozhzhov, deputy director of the Federal Service for Military Technical Co-operation, noting that China had signed an agreement to protect Russia’s intellectual property. 俄罗斯联邦军事技术合作局(Federal Service for Military Technical Co-operation)的副局长弗拉基米尔.德罗若夫(Vladimir Drozhzhov)称之为,我们正在遵守去年11月签定的合约,并提及中国签定了维护俄罗斯知识产权的协议。Chinese pilots are training in Russia and will fly the aircraft back to China, according to Russian news reports.据俄罗斯新闻报道称之为,中国飞行员正在俄罗斯拒绝接受培训,未来将驾驶员这些战斗机飞到中国。The $2bn deal for 24 jets is expected to be completed in three years.这笔牵涉到24架苏-35飞机、总值20亿美元的交易预计将在3年内已完成。


While China unveiled its own advanced stealth fighter this week, big deployments of the aircraft are not expected for several years.尽管中国先进设备的国产隐形战斗机本周亮相,但是预计该型飞机在最近几年内会大量投放现役。China is the world’s second-biggest military spender, with a $215bn budget last year, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. 斯德哥尔摩国际和平研究所(Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)数据表明,中国是世界上第二大军费开支国,去年的军费开支为2150亿美元。It was the third-biggest importer of arms between 2011 and 2015, while Russia was the second-biggest exporter.在2011至2015年间,中国是全球第三大武器进口国,而俄罗斯是第二大武器出口国。The Su-35 deal and a 2014 agreement to sell Russia’s S-400 surface-to-air missile, which could arrive in China by 2018, amounts to a lifting of an informal ban on selling advanced systems to Beijing in place since roughly 2004.苏-35战斗机协议和2014年签定的俄罗斯S-400地对空导弹(有可能在2018年交付给中国)销售协议,相等于中止了约从2004年开始不向北京方面出售先进武器系统的非正式禁令。

Overall, the two countries have $8bn in contracts, according to Mr Drozhzhov. 据德罗若夫讲解,两国现在总计有80亿美元的合约。Experts say Russian technology will boost China’s air defence capability significantly, as Beijing’s relations with the US sour over maritime disputes in the Pacific. 专家称之为,在中国与美国的关系因太平洋上的海洋争端日益紧绷之际,俄罗斯的军事技术将大幅度提高中国的空战能力。Given Russia’s current practice of doing whatever it can to complicate the strategic planning of the US and its allies, it is not surprising that Russia would be prepared to release some of its advanced weaponry to China, said Allan Behm, a security analyst in Canberra and former planner for the Australian defence department.考虑到俄罗斯目前竭尽全力使美国及其盟友的战略规划变得复杂的作法,俄罗斯打算向中国出售某些先进武器不足为奇,堪培拉安全性分析师、澳大利亚国防部前规划员艾伦.贝姆(Allan Behm)回应。